My Healthy Herb Regimine

As I stated in my “about” page, I was diagnosed with emphysema at the young age if 32 when my lung collapsed.  I have done lots of research on herbs and vitamins since then.  My next follow up appointment is in March so we shall see how this is working out. 

With the emphysema I also had nodules on my lungs that are most likely fungus.  So, for fungus I am taking flax seed oil, and garlic.  For cardiovascular and cancer prevention I am taking Grape seed and astragalus root.  Specifically for my lungs I am taking mullien leaf and horsetail.  **

Below are some other uses for each of the herbs I’ve mentioned :

Flax seed oil: Lowers cholesterol, protects against heart disease, controls blood pressure,  reduces inflammation for gout, controls constipation, treats acne and psoriasis, treats menstrual symptoms, guards against the effects of aging

Garlic:  helps prevent blood clots, prevention and treatment of common cold,

Grape seed:  Antioxidants, reduce cholesterol,

Astragalus: increase white blood cell count, boost immune system, manages diabetes, enhances liver and kidney functions.

Mullein Leaf:  expectorant, anti inflammatory,  ear ache, soften skin

Horsetail: antioxidant,  gingivitis,  tonsillitis,  acne, athletes foot, bed wetting in children

**My disclosure:    I am not a doctor and recommended that you speak to your doctor before taking any new herbal supplement.