Project Dog Crate

I have 2 dogs, a Rottweiler and a mixed dog.  I have been pricing dog crates for a few months now and those suckers are expensive.  Especially for the size I would need.  So I had some stuff lying around the house from the improvements I’ve been making and I started to think how I can make one.  I used a piece of wood that was 45″ x 37″ as the base.   I cut some linoleum scraps to size and glued it down.   I also had to use some seam sealer because I didn’t have a piece of linoleum large enough.


Then I put some nails all around the edges.  Only hammer them in about 1/2 way because they are used to hold the fencing In place.


The fencing I had was 39″ tall and I cut 2 pieces at 50″ and one piece at 31″. The two large pieces go along the long sides and curl over to the front. The 31″ piece goes across the back.

This is how the front should look…

To keep the fencing in place, hammer the nails over the fencing


39 ” tall was too high, so I folded the fencing over at 26″ from the base on both sides and just attached the top together with zip ties

(Would love some ideas on how to make this look better?)

Then I also attached the back with some zip ties and curled the extra wire around the posts. (Please disregard the dog food. My 3 yr old was trying to get the dogs to come in)

I then cut a door that was 18″ x 19 ” and attached one side with zip ties and curled the extra wire around.

I put electrical wire connectors on the fence of the open side of the door because after cutting the fence it is wicked sharp. I have a bunch of cuts and scratches from working with it.

The yellow arrow shows the connectors on the door and the blue arrow shows how I bent the fencing on the side of the door to hook the door closed.


The part that took the longest was curling all the extra wire around. All in all it took me about 3 hours to finish and I saved about $200. 🙂

This will only be used inside and that’s why the wood base is good enough as is. If for some reason you wanted to use riis outside you wood have to protect the wood on the bottom. Hope you all enjoyed this and as always, comments are encouraged!


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