Meal Planning Week 1

As promised, here us the first week of meal planning. 

1Dish Chicken and Rice
Coq au vin. – crockpot dish
Sea Bass Couscous
Hamburger and Sour Cream Casserole
Hungarian Goulash
Stuffed Peppers
Kielbasa and Cabbage – my own easy recipe

All you need to make the kielbasa and cabbage dish is a big pot, kielbasa, cabbage, butter, and pepper to taste.

– fill the pot about a quarter full of water, put about 2 T butter in, cut up cabbage ( I use 2 heads to feed 6 people) and place in pot.  Cook on Med heat until the cabbage is soft, about 30 min.  Slice the kielbasa ( again I use 2 pckgs.). And place in pot.  Stir it up, turn on low and let cook for about another 10 min until kielbasa is warmed.   Season with pepper.

Shopping List:

2.5 lbs + a whole chicken
3 slices bacon
1 lb sea bass (or other fish)
3 lbs. Beef stew meat
2 lbs Ground Beef
2 pckgs. Kielbasa
4 hot or mild peppers
1 pckg mushrooms
3/4 lb sweet potato
2 c chick peas
4 lg Green Peppers
2 cans tomato sauce
4 bags egg noodles
Brown rice
White rice
5 c chicken broth
1 c cottage cheese
1 c sour cream
Red wine

* I didn’t include all the spices needed because most of the time they are already in the cabinet.

Hope you all enjoy this.  If you have anything to add please do.   Comments are always welcome. 🙂


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